Doctor by profession, Journalist by choice, Film-making is a passion.

ప్రపంచాన్ని చూడండి నా కళ్ళతో! .... See the World thru' my Eyes!


Social Cricket

We Indians love two things. Films and Cricket. We make the largest number of films in the World and the films are filled with love and songs. The hero takes the girl defeating the villain and we enjoy it. We are one of the best in Cricket and when we beat a visiting team we feel on top of the World. We are  World number 1 in ODI rankings, number 2 in T20 Cricket. Unfortunately when it comes to social issues like health, literacy and sanitation we are nearer to the bottom. 150 in the World in infant mortality rate, 139 in life expectancy and 134 in human development index. I am a doctor by profession and journalist by choice. I love travel and I make travelogues on various places I visit. I wish to create more awareness on these social issues by sharing my experiences.

Telugu Documentaries

Andhra Charitra

ఆంధ్ర చరిత్ర

Episode-1 అమరావతి అద్భుతాలు

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 About this Video –
This is the history of Andhras,
the Telugu speaking people of India.
This is a non-commercial film.
It is free for everyone to view.
Can not be used for any promotion or advertisement.
Should not be broadcast or reproduced with out consent.

Making of this Video –
Three and half years of time,
Over a lakh Kms. of travel,
A Life long passion,
A dream come true,
Did not count the money I spent,
Retired without minding the money I loose,
Neglected the family & friends and realized
that there is a thin line between passion and obsession.


London chuddaam randi.

లండన్ చూద్దాం రండి



 New York lo oka vaaram.

న్యూయార్క్ లో ఒక వారం



Nenu chusina China. 

నేను చూసిన చైనా



 Singapore saradaalu 

సింగపూర్ సరదాలు



గోల్కొండలో చప్పట్లు – Golcondalo chappatlu

1-DSC_6203 copy

English Documentaries


China on the rise – English



Social Cricket by Surendra – Winning Formula



My Picture of the Day

Camera is my Pen  and I want to tell
the story through my Pictures.

obj1644akkinenipg62p5I have seen the China CD and it is wonderful. Dr.Surendra’s efforts are commendable.
Nata Samrat Akkineni Nageswara Rao. Famous Cine actor.

obj1640geo1302pg62p5I am surprised by the quality of the film. Though he is a doctor these films are professional, unique and thoroughly enjoyable.
Sri I.Venkata Rao, Former Chairman,Press Academy of AP.